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Septic Systems

Not only do we install new septic systems, but we also inspect septics. We have staff that will design and complete all the paperwork needed for your septic system that the municipality requires. Then we will install it. This is the whole package! We're here to take one less stress off your back.


Need a hole dug? Sounds simple enough, and it is with the right equipment! We have high hoes, mini hoes and backhoes! Whether big or small holes, perhaps tight spaces, we will help you get the job done!

New Roads

From municipal road standards to a bush trail, we can help. We will build the road to the requirements of our customers. It could be a new road through your property or refinishing a gravel road that you are looking for. We build to municipal standards and everything inbetween upon request.

Rocks... sand... gravel... whats the difference? There are many different kinds of aggregate and we will help you find the right one for your application. We can bring you a dumptruck load to backfill your basement, or gravel for a road base. Maybe you just want a couple yards of top soil. We will bring you the right amount of the right aggregate. The perfect way to start your project.
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Working together with you
From small to large projects, Hern's has the equipment and expertise to help you complete it on time and on budget! We want you to feel confident in your ability to bring your dreams to reality. Your level of involvement is completely up to you! Whether you would like us to design and install a septic, or you need us to build you a road. We will work with you.